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Making High End Beef Accessible

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Making High End Beef Accessible

When I took over as General Manager at The Great East Butcher Co. in February of 2020; two of my bigger, more ambitious missions involved bringing high end, specialty products to our customer base for a more accessible price. I came from a long background in fine-dining, and I knew exactly how wide of a gap there was between what Read more

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Great selection of fresh meat and food. Superb quality and taste of everything that was purchased. It's been a number of years since I've been here and the quality is just as good now as it was in the past. If I traveled into this area more frequently I would definitely stop and purchase something.

- Jon LeRoyer

Fresh Meat · Fresh Food · Great Quality · Great selection


Passing by, we found the name enticing enough to try it for lunch. So happy we did! I asked David behind the counter what his favorite sandwich was - brisket sub. Sounded like a good fit for my appetite, so I ordered it whatever way he ate his. As a "Brisket Sub" I think he is under selling it. More of a burnt tip, and possibly Unicorn kisses, this sub whisked me away to the wonderful world of "so good I now need a nap". Tender bits of brisket evenly mixed with delicious "bark", and sauced evenly, all served on a soft sub roll. Delicious. Oh, so very. Well done, David! Many thanks!

- Darrell Batton

Prepared foods · Brisket Sub · Speciality items · Fresh foods


With meat prices climbing at grocery stores, I started looking for other options and was very happy to come across this shop. The selection of marinated meats is fantastic and as a native of NYC, it was great to see Boar's Head brand of cold cuts (they're the best, there's no arguing about it). This place is now part of my weekly routine and it should become yours also.

- Kevin Remson

Fresh Meat · Fresh Food · Great Quality · Great selection


Excellent maple bourbon steak tips, delicious Key West Whole Roasted Chicken, awesome homemade chicken salad, and much more! We ordered online seamlessly & placed the order and got a same day delivery, that’s great customer service!

- Mercedes Grandin

Steak tips · Roasted chicken · Homemade foods · Easy ordering · Fast delivery


Just had my first experience at the Great East End Butcher Company and was incredibly impressed! Under its new ownership, Tiffany has so many fabulous ideas and delicious recipes in store for all of us! Her welcome smile, along with the friendly staff, mouth-watering smells and sights of food made for a wonderful experience! I walked in to take a look, and walked out with lunch and dinner for the day! Really excited to have this local eatery so close!!

- Christie Browning Rana

New ownership · Prepared foods · Fresh foods · Convenience


They've been wonderful during the pandemic - we've ordered ahead several times and they have our packages of meat portioned into freezer sizes and vacuum packed. The chicken is really fresh and great quality - organic and great sizes. The beef was fresh and just really good. We appreciate how clean and nice the store is and is the only place we've been able to stock our freezer lately.

- Charmie C.

Order ahead · Fresh meats · Organic meats


Nothing better than a old fashion butcher shop. They make good hearty lunch sandwiches. Great selection of different kinds of meat, you can choose any individual cut or get a whole loin if need be. They have local beer and offer some spices for grilling. The service here is awesome and the people here are nice and helpful if you don't really know what you are looking for.

- Dom N.

Authentic · Hearty lunches · Fresh meat · Great selection · Local beer · Great service


We had the Pulled Pork sandwich, with coleslaw, pickles, BBQ, a drizzle of mustard on aged Cheddar Brioche and it was PHENOMENAL. Full of flavor! We also had a steak and cheese - good, nothing wrong but just did not compare to the Pulled Pork Sandwich! Neat shop, lots of little specialty items. Fantastic wine and beer selection.

- Brie P.

Pulled pork · Prepared foods · Awesome sandwiches · Great flavor · Specialty items


Love this place. So much selection of types, cuts and marinated meats. I will be here every week for sure. The people there are awesome and sat there answering all my questions.

- Artie L.

Great selection · Fresh meats · Friendly service


Meat. Meat. Meat. BEER. MEAT. Basically, this store has everything I could ever want: local brews, prepared foods, DOPE meat selection, sauces, marinades, sides. And to top it all off, everyone who works there is so kind, knowledgeable and just good people.

- Erin S.

Fresh meat · Large selection · Local beer · Prepared foods · Friendly service

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